Top Tourist Attractions and best activities in Milan

What to do in Milan: Sport Experience and activities.

Sports activities in Milan are more than you might think. Discover all the sports activities in Milan ! The famous football clubs are not the only Milan attractions; the city offers lots of sports complexes and events, from ice sports to team games such as volleyball and basketball. Moreover, there are centres which offer a large variety activities, from athletics to golf and dance. Sport is a good thing to do in Milan.

By choosing TargetMilan you can experience this sports world. With us you will always know what to do in Milan. Meet the great Milan football players and spend some time with them! You can also have a tour in one of the most famous attractions in Milan: San Siro Stadium.

If you love cars, you can join a real go-kart contest or visit the Monza racetrack, have a car and race. Contact us and find out all the activities which we offer in Milan.

San Siro Stadium

visit San Siro

A Day Whit AC MIlan

a day whit AC Milan

Go Kart Milan

kart milano

Autodromo di monza

monza circuit

visit san SiroThe tour of the most famous italian stadium, house of AC Milan and FC Internazionale, where champions like Rivera, Van Basten, Maldini, Ronaldo have played.
The tour will take you into the San Siro stadium, on the parterre, into the locker rooms and into the museum. The atmosphere of international football, the passion that drifts through the air, the echo of supporters, the skills of players, all merged in San Siro Stadium.

a day whit milanThe most titled football club in the world. AC Milan will welcome you in its house: San Siro stadium. The day start with a personal welcome of a personal hostess that will assist you all day long, and she will hand you a hospitality pass. You will be accompanied in a stadium tour, concerning also the playground and the locker rooms.
A lunch or a dinner will be offered you at T-Lounge and it will be possible to watch the match on Tribune at the first orange ring of stadium. At the end of the competition you will have the opportunity to meet Milan players and a special gadget will remind you the amazing day you have lived.

go kart milanoThe track and the speed, the amusement and the challenge, skills compared, and all of these few minutes far from Milan city center.
A flexible program easily taylor made according with number of participants and times, will consent to drivers to prove the abilities with maximum standards of security. For big groups it is also possible to create a daily championship with test drive, qualifying, preliminary races, semifinal and final.

autodromo di monzaThe myth of glorious drivers, the drifting on parabolic bend, this is Monza circuit.At your disposal for test drive with amazing supercars, or for an exciting team building based on synchronism and collaboration in a pit stop with racing cars.
Which will be the fastest team?The time will run inexorably accompanying the teams in a “last bolt” challenge! Pit stop Emotion and Driving Experience are waiting for you to live closely the myth of speed!

Things to do around in Milan

Milan attractions are scattered around the city; which has more to show than you expect. Its history begins before the arrival of the Romans, and every century has left its mark. Skyscrapers and ancient churches stand side by side.
If you don't know what to do in Milan, we give you the chance to discover the city and its surroundings in a different way. Let's discover our Milan activities! Make a jump in the past and go on a city tour on a vintage car or Vespa.

You can visit Milan and its magical countryside assisted by a professional team that willallow you to satisfy your need for freedom and curiosity while living an amazing experience, different from the usual city tour.
If you prefer a classic Milan activity, choose a beautiful tour on the double bus. We will book it for you.

Historical Vespa

vespa in italian

Modern Vespa

Modern Vespa

Vintage Cars

vintage cars

Historical "Bulli"

Historical Bulli Van

Segway in Milan

autodromo di Monza

City tour by bus

Activities in Milan

Historical tram

what to do in milan


limousine milan

Vip bus / Vip van

vip bus in milan

tour milan in historical VespaDo you remember Haudrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in “Vacanze Romane”?
Fashion & glamour, these two words can perfectly represent the concept of Piaggio Vespa, the original Italian scooter that allow you to return back in the years of Italian economic boom. A professional driver will take you around the city tour or surroundings according with your preferences.

tour milan in modern VespaThe revival of the myth will take you around the capital of worldwide fashion in the easiest way existing.
You can be your own driver! Discovering Milan and its monuments, or looking for the most famous stores of clothes and jewels.

vintage carsIn the land of engines, you can drive yourself, or with a professional carman, historical and charming vintage cars on the street of downtown or in a taylor made tour of Lakes or other destinations according with your preferences.

bulli_vanThe “Bulli” van, the most famous van of the world, icon of sixties and seventies.
A glamour choice to discover Milan with a personal driver, being in the spotlight. Vintage and comfort for an unforgettable tour

segway milanoWhen technology meets design, born segway! Simpler than a bicycle, unravels with ease in the streets of Milan, making available all the hidden corners of the city.
The coolest way to visit the city of fashion, using only your mind! Code 6987

Activities in MilanThe classic visit of the city with an open bus, enjoying the sun and the breeze, discovering the history that characterize the capital of north Italy, always ready to capture the attention of tourist with its incomparable style.
Do you want to be the glamorous one in the city?
Visit Milan with the “double-decker”,the classic London bus. You will be the leading actor of your tour!

Trams milanThe revival of the myth will take you around the capital of worldwide fashion in the easiest way existing.
You can be your own driver! Discovering Milan and its monuments, or looking for the most famous stores of clothes and jewels.

limousine service milanIn the land of engines, you can drive yourself, or with a professional carman, historical and charming cars on the street of downtown or in a taylor made tour of Lakes or other destinations according with your preferences whit a limousine service milan.

bus in milanThe evolution of Limousine service for business customers or to provide your guests with every comfort imaginable.
Manicured van and bus, interior design and technology come together in a VIPs comfort zone. This bus can be also used as mobile office thanks to the interior with desk and armchairs for your business meeting or transfer between airport to selected location!


Don't know what to do in Milan? If you don't know what the most important things to do in Milan are,you cannot say you have been in Italy. On this page you will find some interestingt Milan activities. Let Amazing Milan guide into Milan.

Don't know what to do in Milan in the morning? Go on an urban safari. You need time to look around to breathe the essence of the city. Our guides will show you the city and explain its history, with a curious glance at Milan attractions such as palaces, historical buildings and architecture.
What to do in Milan for lunch? If you have never cooked with an Italian, then you haven't had a real Milan experience. Have a tasty experience with a chef of ours: he will show you all the Italian cuisine's secrets.

What's more typical than a Milan happy hour? That's one of the best things to do in Milan to enjoy the Italian way of living. Have a glass of excellent wine in Duomo Square. Our team will recommend the best lounge bars in the city.

Urban Safari

milan attractions

Happy hours Milan

happy hours milan

Cooking Team

activities milan

milan attractions urban safariTo discover a city it is important to feel the territory, interacting with the urban elements.
To live a city is not enough to follow ordinary tracks;the milan attractions urban safari means to looking for precious foreshortening, it means keep to be curious without visit the city, but discovering the real essence of Milan, leaving yourself to be captured by history, following the traces behind each corner maintaining the eyes opened to uncover the secrets.

happy hours milanOne of the most requested activity, the partecipants will be actively concerned in a lounge location of Milan where a professional barman will teach them how to mix the ingredients, in a short and enjoying training for a beautiful happy hours.
After this they will be divided in groups to create a new special cocktail and to present it to others. An unusual way to create and mix people with amusement, challenge and relax!

cooking teamOk, You know, Italy is one of the best place to live also because of Food! Gualtiero Marchesi, Gianfranco Vissani, Carlo Cracco, the list of famous Italian Chefs could be so long, so, why don’t try to learn to cook?...and preferably with amusement?
Team cooking is THE SOLUTION, with a famous chef at your disposal to teach how ingredients become special dishes in original Italian Style! The participants will work together to create traditional dishes and then they will taste them. An unloosing chance to learn, while having fun, some secrets of Italian food style, building an efficient team!

Place to visit in Milan: Culture & history

Find out all the activities in Milan! There are so many things to do in Milan!
Italy is rich in art. Its cultural heritage is priceless. Milan is known for its economy but that's not its only resource. It has always been a crossroads of culture and art.
In Milan there are Medieval palaces close to 20th century structures, castles of the Renaissance and modern art museums. As the fashion capital, its vocation for art is confirmed again.
That's why there are so many attractions in Milan. Allow yourself to be carried away by the Italian lifestyle.
Amazing Milan can make recommendations on what to do and see in Milan. We organize tours, excursions and activities in Milan.

Cenacolo Vinciano

cenacolo vinciano

Pinacoteca di Brera

visit milan brera

Triennale di Milano

activities milan:visit triennale di milan

Teatro alla Scala

visit teatro
alla Scala

visit to Cenacolo VincianoThe Last Supper is one of the most famous images in the world and the only completed mural by Leonardo da Vinci and still existing. The Last Supper was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the refectory of the convent dominicain of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.
The fresco of Leonardo da Vinci represents the last meal with his apostles before his crucifixion. But because of its highly sensitive preservation conditions, it was undergoing restoration completed in 1999 after 21 years of work. To save the incredible results by restaurants, access is limited and reservations are required. It was in 1462 that the church was built dominicaine of St. Mary of Graces by the architect Solari, we will see later the presence of the architect Donato Bramante in the construction of the apse.
The church divided into three naves by columns made ​​of granite, has several side chapels decorated by tables between the painter another Ferrari, this is in the refectory of the convent annex that is the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

visit to pinanoteca di breraThe Pinacoteca di Brera, located in the famous and picturesque neighbourhood of Milan, is located on the first floor of the Palazzo Brera of seventeenth century and collects in 38 halls the masterpieces of Italian artists from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century and some of the most important foreign artists. Among the most famous: Piero della Francesca, Mantegna, Raphael, Bramante and Caravaggio, Tintoretto, Bellini, Bronzino.
Among the most famous paintings housed here stand out the "Marriage of the Virgin" by Raphael, the "Dead Christ" by Mantegna, the "Pieta" by Bellini. At the centre of the courtyard stands the bronze statue of Napoleon carved by Canova.
The Pinacoteca di Brera suffered extensive damage from the Second World War and between 1946 and 1950 was almost entirely rebuilt by the architect Piero Portaluppi. Museum of international stature, the Pinacoteca di Brera was commissioned by Maria Theresa of Austria in 1776 to consent the training of students of the Academy of Fine Arts. Subsequently, by order of Napoleon, became a museum for the most important paintings from the Italian territory.

visit to triennale of Milano MuseumA travel discovering the architecture, the design, the city planning, the decorative and visual arts, and the fashion.
An emotional torrent given by works of artists which in the years have contributed to art’s evolution. Since 1923 the Triennale di Milano with over 8.000 square meters of expositive surface, organizes exhibitions famous in the entire world. In 2007 was born the Triennale Design Museum, the first Italian design museum. No chronological sequence or by artist, each year Triennale Design Museum renew itself, changing themes and design.

visit Teatro alla ScalaThe Temple of Opera, art, human genius, culture, history, this fascinating mix is condensed in the Teatro alla Scala of Milan, unforgettable and exclusive location. Upon request and subject to number of participants you can live the fascination of "behind the scenes" of the theatre, visiting the Museum and with the opportunity to enjoy a delicious aperitif tailor-made.
Feel the history of liric, in the place where Renata Tebaldi, Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo, and other important artists have given unforgettable moments to guests
The Teatro alla Scala is also famous for ballets, and is the house of Roberto Bolle and the place where Carla Fracci has enchanted the world.