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Getting Around

Milan has an efficient public transport service that combines punctuality and availability with the order and the cure.

subway milanThe subway is the transport system most used and is constantly evolving with the creation of new lines and fast connections between the different parts of the city.
Metro stations are identified by an uppercase "M"

The bus service is equally efficient, and over the years has almost replaced the historic tram service that retains its service especially for the historical value and the parallel events (see "Discovering things to do in Milan road" and " Special locations.")
More info on ATM Milan

Other peculiar service in Milan is the so called "Passante Ferroviario" available in some lower floors of the Underground stations that uses line trains to join the urban area and the edge of town.
All info about the service can be found on ATM Milan

ecopassThe private car is not recommended to visit the Centre of Milan as it is required to pay a entrance ticket to reduce pollution.
The levy, called ECOPASS, is bordered by blue signs with white lettering
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To avoid the payment of "Ecopass", in Milan there is a wide range of white Taxis with a distinctive number and it is possible to know the rates available with notices displayed within the vehicle.
If you want to discover the city without creating pollution, you can use BikeMI the bike sharing service that can allow you to organize you transfer among different locations without problems and respecting the environment.

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